Frequently Asked Question

-- Do I have to pay for Anekam App?

Anekam iPad app is free through the Apple App Store and Google Plat Store and take only a minute to install.

-- What are the benefits of using an iPad based POS system?

As iPad and tablets are popular, they’re becoming the preferred choice of retailers. These devices have the best touch screens and they’re best suited for POS device. These devices are sleek, portable, and allow you to bring the check out process to your customers. Anekam runs on iPad and Android Tablets.

-- What are the benefits of a cloud based system?

The biggest benefit of using cloud based system is you can access your data anytime and anywhere. Anekam app is connected to a remote cloud server where all the data is store securely. its cloud and all our data is securely stored. This means you can safely access your data anytime and anywhere and when you want it..

-- Does Anekam provide hardware?

You will need an Apple iPad or iPad mini running iOS 7.0 or later. We also recommend a number of other products specifically designed to work withAnekam.

-- What happens when my internet connection goes down?

Credit card sales will need internet connection. However, You can transact with Cash and Other tender sales without Internet and data will be saved offline. Once your connection is back your sales data will be automatically uploaded to the cloud.

-- How much time does it take to set up Anekam?

It depends on the no of products you have. We understand that uploading 100’s of product data will take time. So in order to save time and make the set up process as fast as possible, we have CSV upload. Using CSV upload you can bulk upload product details.

-- I have more than one store, will Anekam work for me?

Absolutely, Using Anekam you can manage multiple locations from one device.

-- Can you do credit card processing?

Yes. We can process Visa, MasterCard, Discover, AMEX and more. We use as our trusted payment processing partner.